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Our company has been working with Kristin for about 8 years.I find her to be incredibly responsive and professional.She has extensive insurance knowledge and always seems to be ahead of the game in providing necessary information.​

- Debbie Van Meers, Infiniti HR

We have worked with the team at MD Insurance Guide for 5+ years. They have really taken the time to get to know us and understand our company needs. We work with Kristin Smrkovski directly and she is always courteous and professional when we contact her and very prompt and thorough when responding to any of our questions. We get quick, accurate and succinct responses to our emails or text messages. She sometimes will follow up the written response with a phone call to clarify and reiterate the procedure. Working with them is a true pleasure as they are very experienced, professional, efficient and knowledgeable.​

- Mona Absalon, Stat Experts, Inc.

Savvy individuals and organizations throughout our community know they can call on MD Insurance Guide for insurance tailored to meet their individual needs. At MD Insurance Guide, we know peace of mind is priceless, so we invite you to learn for yourself about the kind of experience you can expect working with us. If you feel that you deserve this peace of mind, please contact MD Insurance Guide at your convenience for a consultation with one of our courteous professionals. We look forward to serving you soon.

Kristin and I have worked together for over 20 years. She knows all the products inside and out. She is savvy enough to know our employee base and what products work best for us. Every year, renewal is as seamless as health insurance renewal gets. I have never had a broker so knowledgeable and prepared to facilitate the process. Kristin's customer service is as exemplary as her mastery of insurance and HRAs. Anytime I have a problem I cannot fix, or merely don't have the time to fix, Kristin is to the rescue. This service has been worth its weight in gold to the morale of our employees. Kristin has helped to maintain a "benefit" mentality during this time where the very term 'health insurance' isn't very connotatively positive.​

- Billie Jo Paskoski, Sun Nurseries